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Avelar Painting Solutions LLC is hands down the best painting company in Frederick. We go the extra mile to ensure your property improvement project is completed on time, and within your budget. Since we work with some of the best suppliers in the industry, the primers, paints, and stains we use are of the best quality and value. Reach out to us today at (240) 491-6719 to find out more about how we can bring your vision to life.

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Painting Contractors You Can Count On

Personalizing your home or business doesn't have to be a messy, labor intensive process. Our certified professionals will work with you to produce the exact results you desire. From interior house painting to commercial and industrial painting projects, we're the dedicated team who will add value to your property, for years to come. You can also count on us to show up on time, with all the tools and supplies we will need to get to work right away.

Our Painting Company's Services

With some of the best house painters in the industry, we are comfortable in saying there is no job too big or too small for our team. We offer a wide range of professional painting services, that cover both the interior and exterior of any structure.

Some of our most requested services are:

  • Residential painting
  • Commercial painting
  • Industrial painting
  • Deck painting
  • Fence paint or stain
  • Pool deck staining
  • Painting outbuildings
  • ..and more

Is there something missing from this list? Reach out to us today to connect with the painting business that can meet and exceed your expectations.

Detailed Paint Preparation Process

No matter how talented the painter is and how good the paint is, a paint job is only as good as the preparation. Committed to flawless results, we never fall short on this step.

Before we put a brush on a wall, we begin by cleaning and sanding the surfaces to ensure proper adhesion and smoothness. Next, we fill any cracks or holes and apply a primer to create a smooth base for the paint. We pay attention to every detail, from masking off areas to protect them from overspray to ensuring proper ventilation for optimal drying.

With our comprehensive preparation process, you can trust that your paint job will be enduring and visually stunning.

Create a Bespoke Space With Custom Painting

The great thing about paint is that it comes in endless color options, and the mixing and matching of colors creates bespoke looks.

We offer custom painting services to cater to every customer’s style preferences. Whether you want to add a pop of color with an accent wall or create an ombre mural, we’ll make it look even better than you envisioned.

We work closely with you to understand your aesthetic goals and recommend custom painting techniques and finishes that complement your space. From faux finishes to intricate stenciling, the possibilities are endless when you choose our custom painting services.

Request a Color Consultation

Are you struggling to decide which color scheme will best suit your space? Request a color consultation with our experienced team. We’ll guide you through the process of selecting the perfect colors for your upcoming painting project and discuss paint types and techniques. You can also expect us to touch on project cost, timeline, and all other pertinent details that need to be ironed out before we begin the job.

Schedule a consultation today and take the guesswork out of choosing paint colors for your next project.

A Best Value Painting Company

Your home or business is your oasis. For this reason, we suggest working with a painting company with an excellent reputation. You want to make sure you're working with someone who knows how to properly tape around windows and details, as well as someone who protects your beautiful flooring.

Each member of our team will treat your property with respect, and when we are all finished, we will make sure our work is all cleaned up. To find out more about our in-depth painting process, get in touch with us today.

Top Quality Exterior Painters

Let's face it, if something goes wrong when you are painting the outside of your property, a lot of people might notice. To that end, working with exterior painters with many years of experience will ensure you get the finish you've paid for and deserve. Not sure what colors to pick? No problem! Call us now to discuss your ideas with a qualified expert.

Spraying Exterior Paint

Achieve a flawless finish on your outdoor surfaces with our professional spraying services. Spraying exterior paint allows for even coverage and a smooth, uniform appearance, enhancing the curb appeal of your home. We utilize the latest equipment and employ effective processes to ensure perfection in every spray application. From siding and trim to fences and decks, we’ve successfully tackled a wide range of exterior painting projects, and we’re eager to execute yours.

Do you have questions, or are you ready to schedule an appointment? Call now, and we’ll happily make a reservation.

Exterior Brick Painting

Like all construction materials, brick wears out and loses its appeal. The solution to this can be as simple as reviving it with a fresh coat of paint. Whether you want to refresh the appearance of your brick facade or completely change its color, Avelar Painting Solutions LLC can help.

We carefully prepare the surface, applying specialized primers and sealants. From there, we’ll apply a fresh coat of specialized paint that is durable enough to withstand varying weather conditions. Our affordable and quick solution can give off the appearance of new brick, leaving your property looking much more appealing to onlookers.

Interior Painting Services from an Expert Team

Painting your interiors is powerful – it can completely transform your space! Whether you are hoping to neutralize your walls to incorporate fun art and furniture or if a fresh pop of color is on the agenda, our experts can help you bring your vision to life.

We will take measures to protect your floors, ceilings, and furniture to avoid splatter and ensure that your painting project is completed flawlessly. We are also happy to help you set up your room again once the project is completed.

If you’re ready to transform the inside of your home or business space, we’re excited to work with you – so get in touch today.

Upgrade Your Business with Fresh Paint

Whether you’re looking to attract more clients or make your commercial property look more professional, adding a fresh coat of paint could go a long way. Our experts would be happy to help you choose a painting style for your business’s interior or exterior spaces and apply it at a convenient time.

We have seen first-hand the power that professional painting has on commercial properties, and we look forward to helping you transform your own.

Improve the Value of Your Home with Interior Painting

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to improve the overall market value of your home or business property, a professionally applied paint job is a great option. You may be surprised just how transformative a high-quality paint installation can be and we look forward to proving it to you.

To learn more about how new paint can help you sell your property, contact our experts today.

Exterior and Interior Painting

Avelar Painting Solutions LLC is excited to offer not only interior painting but exterior painting too. Not only will we paint walls and siding but we can paint porches, decks, doors, window frames, shutters, fences – you name it!

We take on every project with a high level of commitment and determination and we look forward to completing yours!

Choosing the Perfect Paint Color

Choosing the perfect paint is far from easy – in fact, it can be very difficult. Our experts have helped dozens of homeowners and business owners pick out colors and color palettes perfect for their property and we look forward to doing the same for you!

Get an Estimate for Your Painting Service

The total cost of your new paint installation will depend on a few different factors. When you contact us about hiring our painters, we’ll schedule an onsite consultation as soon as possible.

During this meeting our team will survey your property, take measurements of the installation area, and determine how much product is needed, as well as how long the project will take to complete.

Once these details are understood, we’ll provide you with a detailed cost breakdown.

If you’d like more pricing information before you make an appointment, be sure to reach out to our experts. We’d be more than happy to chat with you and crunch some numbers!

Frederick's Best Painting Contractors

As one of the top-recommended painting companies in Frederick, the team at Avelar Painting Solutions LLC takes our reputation for excellence very seriously, and we are confident you will love what we do. Do you have a tricky area that might need a little extra paint? Call us now to inquire about a no-obligation estimate.