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Many homeowners build wooden fences around their properties and backyards. Fences are perfect for enhancing privacy, marking property lines, and provide shelter from the elements. Because wooden fences are outdoors, they are victims to everyday weather-related damage. Water damage can warp your wooden fences and cause them to rot from the inside. Sun damage can slowly burn the wood, weakening its internal structure. Insects, such as termites, can infest a wooden fence and over time––destroy it.

If your fence is looking worse for wear, or if you’ve recently installed a fence on your property, Avelar Painting Solutions LLC can provide you with trusted fence staining and painting services. Staining or painting your fence can protect it from the elements and boost the aesthetic value of your property.

The Benefits of Fence Staining and Painting

There are many benefits to having your fence professionally stained by Avelar Painting Solutions LLC. Our experienced team is qualified to quickly and effectively get you the best results. A newly painted fence can provide your residence with the extra touch it has been missing. Whether you want a fresh-looking property or need Avelar Painting Solutions LLC to repair and revitalize your wooden fence, you can trust us to do the job right—every time.

Some of the main benefits to staining or painting your wooden fence are:

Increased Lifespan: A fresh coat of stain or paint can protect your wooden fence from natural hazards. Our solid paint solutions can provide full coverage for even the worse aesthetic problems. Our painting and staining services can waterproof your fence and seal it off from damage.

Curb Appeal: If you are looking to put your home on the market, a fresh coat of wood fence paint or stain can add incredible value to your property. One of the first things people will want to inspect will be the condition of your outdoor woodwork. If your fence is in a terrible state, potential buyers will be less inclined to make an offer. If you aren’t selling, a newly painted fence will impress neighbors and add aesthetic value to your home. If you often entertain in your backyard, for example, a fresh coat of fence paint or stain can be a great conversation piece. Also, if your children like to play ball outside, a newly painted fence will protect the precious wood underneath from potential damages.

Reduces Warping and Rotting: Water damage is one of the biggest issues that Avelar Painting Solutions LLC sees when painting or staining residential fences. Our paint and sealant solutions prevent that from happening through innovative waterproofing methods. We choose the best fence stain for your individual desires. We offer an array of colors and designs to match your unique personalities.

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