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Avelar Painting Solutions LLC: The Most Professional House Painters

When it comes to repainting your house, you should never have to doubt the professionalism or dedication of the painters you hire. When you partner with Avelar Painting Solutions LLC, you won’t have to. As seasoned residential painters, we’ve invested time and effort to develop our team’s abilities and have a proven track record of excellence.

Whether we’re covering over a faded façade or refreshing interior walls to add a unique look to your property, you can count on our team to devise a personalized solution that aligns with your goals, needs, and budget. Our painters use industry-tested techniques and design strategies to ensure your house’s new look is consistently applied and able to withstand the barrage of harsh weather conditions.

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When Should You Hire a House Painter?

Deciding whether to hire a house painter depends on several factors, including the scope and complexity of the project, your experience painting, and the desired timeline for the project. Unless you're a seasoned painter and only painting a very small part of your home, you should always hire a professional painter.

House painters have the expertise and equipment to safely and efficiently complete residential projects, whereas DIY painting leaves room for error, particularly if your walls are damaged or have intricate design features. Our house painters should be consulted before your desired start date to verify the feasibility of your project and allow sufficient time for preparation.

Avelar Painting Solutions LLC's House Painting

House painting may seem doable for a DIY enthusiast but hiring Avelar Painting Solutions LLC's specialists will maximize your return on investment and help deliver the best possible results. Our talented team has extensive experience and offers a comprehensive range of services.

We specialize in the following:

Interior Painting

Our technicians use state-of-the-art techniques to evenly apply new paint to your kitchen, bathroom(s), bedroom(s), and living spaces. We remove existing paint, prepare the surface for adhesion, and work swiftly to create a space you'll love. Our team also offers customizable and design-forward options to help you transform your space.

Exterior Painting

Whether you need siding, bricks, fencing, or a deck painted, we've got you covered. Our painters have proper safety equipment and use industry-tested techniques to deliver spray-applied painting and staining services that comprehensively address your needs.

How Do You Achieve Long-Lasting Exterior Painting?

Our team carefully prepares the surface and applies high-quality materials in line with best practices to provide long-lasting exterior painting. We provide access to materials with advanced resins and UV-resistant pigments before applying weather and fade-resistant seals.

Proper exterior paint application requires maintaining temperature and humidity levels, meaning our painters work quickly to prevent premature drying and staining. We apply the paint in thin, even coats and clean and repair cracked, peeling areas to ensure our work stands the test of time.

Do Interior Surfaces Need to Be Sanded Before Painting?

Yes, sanding interior surfaces is almost always required before applying paint. Sanding removes existing paint and helps smooth out bumps, ridges, and flakes on your walls and trim. It's crucial for preventing uneven paint application and allows for proper adhesion.

If your walls have intricate designs or finishing work, sanding may not be viable. However, brief sanding can be sufficient for drywall and surfaces that are in good condition to prepare the walls for maximum adhesion and a long-lasting finish.

Do House Painters Use Special Equipment?

When painting your house, our painters use a variety of specialized equipment to provide optimized results and keep themselves safe. Different surfaces require different brush and roller sizes, and large surfaces require specialized equipment like sprayers to paint them evenly and efficiently.

Some specialized equipment you might see our painters use include the following:

  • Ladders and scaffolding to safely reach high walls, ceilings, and exterior surfaces.
  • Preparation tools like putty knives, scrapers, sandpaper, and caulk guns.
  • Safety equipment like respirators, drop cloths, and tape to protect surfaces.

Expert House Painting Services

All houses are victims to time. Over the years bad weather can damage the look of your property or your children might enjoy creating sharpie art on your white walls, devaluing your home. With Avelar Painting Solutions LLC, you can restore your walls, interior or exterior walls, and garage floors in a single professional painting appointment. We also offer deck staining services and drywall repair services.

We use the latest technology to ensure a quick, safe, and easy job. Our equipment and paint products are inspected and environmentally certified to guarantee a beautiful home––every time. Our team of painting contractors are artisans with years of experience. At Avelar Painting Solutions LLC, we want you to have peace of mind. Leave the painting to us. You’ll be happy you did.

Our experts are trained and certified professionals with many years of professional residential painting and staining experience. When you meet our technicians, they will guide you through the process before they begin the job, to make sure that you are informed and aware of what they’ll do. If something isn’t what you expected, simply let us know and we will solve the problem: satisfaction guaranteed. No job is too big or too small for the painting contractors at Avelar Painting Solutions LLC.

Residential Painting Services for your Needs

House painting is a task best left to professionals, and the team at Avelar Painting Solutions LLC are a great option for supporting your needs. Whether you need interior or exterior painting, our contractors will work with meticulous attention to detail to ensure our services exceed your expectations. With years of experience and a proven track record of top-quality work, we’re always up to the challenge.

Our painters are capable of taking on a range of residential painting tasks, including the following:

  • Specialized residential painting services
  • Wood or faux finishes
  • Interior and exterior house painting
  • Beautiful and clean finishes
  • Decorative painting

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