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If you're tired of looking at your home's fading exterior, you notice old wallpaper is peeling, or you want to spice up your kitchen's aesthetic, finding the right painting company is essential. You deserve friendly consultations, personalized recommendations, and state-of-the-art painting from experienced and insured technicians.

For clients in New Market, Avelar Painting Solutions LLC offers all that and more. We have a long history of providing top-quality painting services for residential properties and work with meticulous attention to detail to deliver eye-catching results.

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Why Is It Important to Hire a Professional Painting Company?

Working with a professional painting company is essential when you need your property painted flawlessly. The most important reason to hire our professional painters is the level of quality we offer. Our licensed professionals have extensive experience and expertise, ensuring a seamless finish on every surface.

Our technicians prepare all surfaces for painting by sanding, filling, and priming your walls. We also have access to top-of-the-line paint and equipment that guarantee the quality and longevity of our work. Unlike DIY projects, our professional painters adhere to a streamlined process and understand how to deliver results aligned with industry standards and regulations.

Avelar Painting Solutions LLC's Painting Services

Working with Avelar Painting Solutions LLC is a sure way to maximize your return on investment and receive top-quality results on residential painting projects. Our team of talented, experienced painters works hard to help you find a new look for your property that you'll love for years.

Here's what you can expect from us:

  • Interior house painting
  • Exterior house painting
  • Brick painting
  • Spray-applied exterior painting
  • Deck staining
  • Fence painting
  • Hardwood floor refinishing

Interior House Painting

One of the quickest, most cost-effective ways to transform your home is interior painting. Painting projects allow you to express your style and create a new ambiance within your home. Interior painting also serves practical purposes, protecting your walls from moisture and stains and reducing the impact of daily wear and tear.

Which Residential Painting Projects Add the Most Value to Your Home?

If you're working with a limited budget and want to select a painting project that adds value to your property, certain areas can yield a higher return. Fresh paint lasts for decades, making it an excellent long-term investment.

Here are the projects that add the most value to your property:

  • Exterior painting: Exterior paint immediately boosts curb appeal, protects your home from weather damage, and can extend the lifespan of your siding and trim.
  • Kitchen painting: Your kitchen is a high-impact and high-traffic area, so creating a seamless kitchen color palette yields a great return on investment.
  • Bathroom painting: High moisture and use levels can impact your bathroom, so maintaining a fresh coat of paint can add significant value to your home.

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